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3-6 years old (30 to 40 minutes class)


Our Buckaroo program focuses on coordination, balance, control, listening skills, interaction with other children, eye contact and exercise. All rolled up into a 30 minute action packed class. 
After a short period of time you will begin to see changes in your childs behaviors. The passive child will begin to make eye contact and interact with confidences. While the more physically aggressive children will develop self control.
The child must be able to communicate, follow simple tasks and potty trained.

Through interactive games and drills, your child will learn to listen, focus and how to control their emotions

6-13 Years old

Rowdy Wranglers

Our kids program is designed to promote confidence, self-control and patience. Emphasizing personal growth and group dynamics in the areas of self-defense, discipline, healthy competition, bullying, sportsmanship and physical fitness. 
Our curriculum includes beginner and fundamental techniques, as well as coordination drills and interactive team building games that develop core concepts and principles.
We will impart to your child realistic skills to protect themselves and the mindset to deal with difficult or stressful situations with patience and confidence.
We equip your child with the tools necessary to answer the questions life may present by developing…
  • a dynamic understanding of Jiu-Jitsu
  • respect for ones self, peers & adults
  • critical social skills & teamwork
  • self-discipline & emotion control
  • coordination & agility
  • critical thinking
  • confidence building

Get in shape, learn a life skill all while having fun!

Adults and Teens

Jiu Jitsu Cowboys

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu presents a combination of dynamic and explosive movements with pressure-based isometric pushing, pulling, and holding, it helps to develop increased strength and cardio, as well as promotes weight loss and improved muscle tone.

Route 66 Jiu Jitsu isn’t just another gym, club, martial art or sport, we are a family with shared values and goals. A community where you will be encouraged, uplifted and challenged.

Jiu Jitsu isn’t simply another sport, hobby or form of self defense. It doesn’t have a season or finish line, it’s a way of life. Regardless of your age or physical abilities Jiu Jitsu meets you where you are, but rest assured it won’t leave you there.

Route 66 Jiu Jitsu all ages