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Life Lessons! Every time I step onto the mat, I learn something new. Sometimes the lesson has nothing to do with Jiu Jitsu. Rather, they have to do with things in my life.

Don't let age stand in the way of your dreams

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three steps to success

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Jiu Jitsu might be an individual journey, but it takes a tribe to be successful. Just as Iron Sharpens Iron!


Make the

Once you make the commitment, you need to show up. Your training partners depend on you to show up. Without you, your team suffers.


Practice with intent

This is BIG! Its easy to go through the numbers and obtain little to zero benefit.  To prevent this, engage your mind and body into your drills.


focus on your
personal growth

We say this because its easy to get caught up in how someone else may or may not be doing. Everyone grows at different rates so focus on your own path.

You Deserve this

now you know what’s been missing from your life

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